Believe ~ Coconut Santal foaming Himalayan pink salt bath and shower scrub

Believe ~ Coconut Santal foaming Himalayan pink salt bath and shower scrub

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Our “Believe” Coconut Santal ~. Himalayan pink salt foaming bath & shower scrub is our newest obsession.

Our love of bath time rituals has inspired us to create another beautiful scrub. The time spent in your bath is often the only unplugged quiet time you allow yourself. Make your bath time sacred with our scrub scented with our amazing Coconut Santal it has dreamy top notes of Australian amber Sandalwood on a base of wild raw coconut and vanilla bean pod ..this scent is our newest obsession because of its unique sultry getaway allure.

I am more of a shower girl than a bubble bath girl but this amazing scrub works for all of our bath time preferences, our Coconut Santal scent is warm and sensual infused with coconut essential oil scent to create a deeply relaxing experience. It lathers really beautifully under running warm water and exfoliates your skin leaving you fresh and super moisturized with zero greasy feeling left behind.

About our ingredients:

The ingredients in our salt scrub includes detoxifying Himalayan salt, coconut oil, essential oils for scent, apricot oil and our exclusive squalane oil that leaves skin super soft. We have included a mild and gently foaming cleanser component for our bubble bath lovers who love rich lather and a luxurious scented mango experience.

Jar size - 12 oz ~ 341 gram salt scrub

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