I am Present ~ Manifest Miracles | Mango Sorbet

I am Present ~ Manifest Miracles | Mango Sorbet

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Hand poured 8 oz self care soy candles.

Approx 40 - 45 hours of burn time

“I am present” ~ Manifest Miracles | Mango Sorbet

Kalomena candles are created to inspire and illuminate. Each candle reminds us of the importance of self care and our unique potential for greatness. Perfect for self gifting, lovely mom or friend gift to celebrate or just show gratitude. 💕

Mango Sorbet scent is a juicy revitalizing scent with a heady tropical vibe ..

Clean scents designed for relaxation, meditation or simply restoring the soul

No phthalates, 100 % cotton wicks, soy blend wax, essential oils for scent.

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