“Dreamcatcher” soy candle & “Calming Cleanse“ Himalayan pink salt foaming scrub ~ Amber Cashmere scent

“Dreamcatcher” soy candle & “Calming Cleanse“ Himalayan pink salt foaming scrub ~ Amber Cashmere scent

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Our Amber Cashmere scented “ Dream catcher “ soy candle is paired with our “ Calming cleanse” Himalayan pink salt bath & shower scrub in the same “Amber Cashmere” scents is a super lux self care gift for yourself or someone you love.

Our candles are made of soy wax , 100% cotton wicks - No Phthalates & non- toxic. Our scents are made with the finest essential oils and therefore never smell overpowering or artificial. 

💓 what does Amber Cashmere smell like ? It’s so feminine, but not floral. It has notes of amber sandalwood, musky vanilla bean, powdery ylang ylang.

I created this set to share with you my love of bath time rituals, the time spent in your bath is often the only unplugged quiet times you allow yourself, so I believe in making the most of this time whenever possible. I’m more of a shower girl than a bubble bath girl but this amazing scrub work for all of our bath time preferences. Our Amber Cashmere scent will transport you to a tranquil space, leaving your skin super exfoliated, clean and soft. Our hope is that this set give you that spa getaway feeling right a at home 💓. I know it’s the people that work the hardest and take care of everyone else that tend to put themselves last on the list when it comes to doing something for themselves. This is for you ~ the mother’s, sisters, aunts and daughters, the best friends who never leaves your side and of course for all the men in your life that make your journey’s possible.

Our “Calming Cleanse” is a perfect end of day bath ritual to clear away all the negativity energy you’ve picked up through your day. Our “Dream catcher” moonlight magic soy candle is ideal to light in your bedroom during your relaxation or meditation time. Always safely extinguish candles well before it’s time sleep 😴

All Kalomena products are handmade in small batches in New York City. Our Candles are infused with out hope and prayer that may find there way to bring light and love to our users.

The ingredients in our salt scrub includes detoxifying Himalayan salt, coconut oil, essential oils for scent, apricot oil and our exclusive squalane oil that leaves skin refreshed and moisturized. We have included a mild and gently foaming cleanser component for our bubble bath lovers who love rich lather and a luxurious scented tropical island experience.

8oz soy candle. / 12 oz ~ 341 gram salt scrub

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