Amber Cashmere ~ Dreamcatcher / Moonlight magic

Amber Cashmere ~ Dreamcatcher / Moonlight magic

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Amber Cashmere is a sultry and luxurious scent created using a green patchouli & amber sandalwood with hints of a powdery vanilla bean. A sensorial treat during the chilly fall and winter months.

Our dreamcatcher ~ moonlight magic intention reminds us to be in tune to our dreamworld which is often sending use important subconscious soulful messaging in our sleeping hours. Keep a half filled water glass by your bedside with a few lemon slices along with a pen and note pad to jut down anything you remember from your dreams.

Use this candle anytime to relax, but also think about making it a practice to burn this candle in your bedroom for an hour or two before you go to sleep ~ during you streaming viewing time or reading time .

Taking care always to safely extinguished your candle well before you get sleepy.

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