Clarity ~ Mango Sorbet foaming Himalayan pink salt bath and shower scrub

Clarity ~ Mango Sorbet foaming Himalayan pink salt bath and shower scrub

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For those who want to indulge in our Mango Sorbet Himalayan pink salt foaming bath & shower scrub we are now offering this 12 oz jar as an individual purchase, it makes trying our scrub and restocking easy so you never run out. This small batch hand made scrub is made with the finest ingredients and is hands down the best body scrub I’ve ever used and I’ve tried them all. I set out to create a scrub that does everything all in one , It leaves skin incredibly polished, smooth and clean. the scent is so fresh and clean Its a perfect way to start or finish your day out with Clarity.


💓 exfoliates dead skin cells
💓 helps to tone and soften skin texture
💓 works to cleanse the body and removes toxins using 84 trace minerals that have naturally occurring antiseptic properties
💓 promotes relaxation and improved circulation
💓 lathers under warm running water and creates a great bubble bath experience.

I created this foaming bath scrub to share with you my love of bath time rituals, the time spent in your bath is often the only unplugged quiet times you allow yourself, so I believe in making the most of this time whenever possible. I’m more of a shower girl than a bubble bath girl but this amazing scrub works for all of our bath time preferences, our mango Sorbet scent is created by using mango essential oil scent for a juicy fresh natural mango scent that transport the user to a place of restorative clarity.

Our ingredients :

The ingredients in our salt scrub includes detoxifying Himalayan salt, coconut oil, essential oils for scent, apricot oil and generous quantities of the extraordinary moisturizing squalane oil that leaves skin refreshed and moisturized. We have included a mild and gently foaming cleanser component for our bubble bath lovers who love rich lather and a luxurious scented tropical island experience.

8oz soy candle. / 12 oz ~ 341 gram salt scrub

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