Nordic Night ~ New Year Manifestations

Nordic Night ~ New Year Manifestations

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Nordic night ~ New year Manifestations

This candle is Kalomena’s version of the perfect holiday candle. Smells like fresh fallen icy snow on a field of Frazier fir trees with a hint on juniper berry. We have taken great care not to make this scent overwhelming and artificial as so many holiday candles can be, instead we opted to mix just the right amount of essential oils that allows the scent to linger in the background but never dominate our spaces. Our goal is always to replicate these amazing winter wonderland scents as experienced in nature.

When one year comes to an end and a new one is about to begin December is the perfect month to begin to write down what you would like your new year to look and feel like. Light this magical candle as your put your thoughts to paper, write down 10 things that you would like this new year to bring into you life, take your time and be specific. Use a week to get you list of 10 things together, and let our candle light the way for you new year Manifestations ahead.

After the stroke of midnight and when the party dies down read one wish every night for 10 night while burning this candle. Talk to the universe and feel you connection to its divine power, ask with a pure heart for your dreams to become your reality and when the opportunity arise take the risk.

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